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Snacky U Fiesta Pack – The Ultimate Mexican Snack Experience


Experience the Snacky U Fiesta Pack, perfect for fueling your academic journey! Savor a spicy & savory assortment of 8+ Mexican snacks, complete with Tajin, chamoy liquid, and a disposable cup for the ultimate student snacking experience.


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Introducing Snacky U’s Fiesta Pack – the ultimate Mexican snack box experience specially curated for students of all ages! Snacky U™, also known as Snacky University, is a sub-brand of Tridyn Creative Media, founded as a family endeavor to teach business and marketing skills.

Snacky U Fiesta Pack

Inspired by our Mexican heritage and recognizing the importance of satisfying snacking during the academic journey, the Fiesta Pack snack cup is perfect for those who crave spicy and savory treats.

Each pack includes 8+ delicious Mexican snacks, with contents varying in each cup, providing an exciting assortment of flavors.

To elevate your snacking experience, you’ll receive a disposable cup, a mini bottle of Tajin, and a mini spoon. Pour the included chamoy liquid over the snacks and sprinkle Tajin on top. Mix it all together and indulge in every delightful bite!

Whether you’re studying for an exam or taking a break from work, our snacks can help you unwind and recharge with their delicious flavors and aromas. This gift box is the perfect student snack pack. 


  • Authentic Mexican Snack Selection: Enjoy a variety of 8+ tasty Mexican snacks in each cup, offering a unique snacking experience.
  • Convenient Snack Cup: Comes with a disposable cup for hassle-free snacking on the go.
  • Tajin Included: Each order includes a free mini bottle of Tajin for that extra kick of flavor.
  • Chamoy Liquid: Add a tangy twist to your snacks with the included chamoy liquid.
  • Mini Spoon: Mix and enjoy your snacks easily with the provided mini spoon.
  • Perfect for Students: Specially curated for students, offering a delicious break during their academic journey.
  • Celebrating Mexican Heritage: A tribute to our Mexican roots, bringing authentic flavors and tradition to every bite.


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